4/3 Clutter, Cash, and Charity

Today’s Topic: An Overabundance of THINGS and How to Streamline

Do you have a lot of material things in your home? You probably have far more than you THINK and 500% more than you NEED. I say that balance is the way to go, but minimalism can work too for those especially committed to freeing up space in their lives.

The key to determining whether something is a keeper vs. clutter is to answer yes to one of two questions. 1. Does this serve a functional purpose in my life? 2. Does this hold aesthetic beauty that I find valuable? If not- DITCH IT!

The best three ways I de-clutter my home are

  • yard sales (both online and physical)
  • charity/second-hand (if it’s worth giving to someone else)
  • trash/recycling can (last resort!)

The inspiration behind the mindset I currently have was a presentation I heard last year at my mom’s group meeting, by Becky Banks of Organizing Essentials- Residential Organizing for Women. Becky has a compelling story of her experience working at a mission, and she advocates for homeless women who need essentials like socks, bras, and sanitary products.  Becky has a knack for organizing and for creating order in chaos. I actually met her during the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy (a destructively swept through our beach towns in 2012), where Becky was organizing hundreds of cans into an overflowing food pantry.

I hope you feel encouraged to purge your closets and find new homes for clothing, toys, CDs, DVDs, craft supplies and electronics that you don’t need any longer. The spring weather is FINALLY here and the windows are begging to be opened. Free up space in your home and fill it up with fresh air, so that you can sit back and enjoy the wellbeing that comes with clean space and organization.

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