4/11 Meal Solutions: My love/hate relationship with cooking

I never thought I’d be vlogging about meal planning or cooking, because – blah. Boring.

But the fact is that people who don’t like cooking have one of two options, unless there’s someone in their life who will do it for them. The options are, eat at restaurants on a daily basis or grow up and figure out a feasible way to prepare food.

I cook all the time for my family, because they get hungry and I love them and care about their wellbeing. But know what I don’t love? Spending time in the kitchen over a stove and a sink. Don’t love it at all.

The answer for me is buying food in bulk, cooking double or triple batches, and freezing ready-to-reheat dinners for later.

Sounds like a no-brainer, but I only just started doing this recently, after 6 years of cooking dinners every night… I’m admittedly slow in some areas. 😉

I have a Sam’s Club membership, so buying in bulk is easier and cheaper than ever. Rainy days will be spent cooking and freezing, and the sunny days will be spent on the beach and not in the kitchen. Just a bit of advice before the summer gets here. Enjoy your life! 🙂

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