Everyday blogging challenge, plus youtube videos

I was a brand new entrepreneur with a tight (read: nonexistent) marketing budget and was  hunting around for ways to build up my webstore, when someone HOOKED ME. That’s right- a successful Youtuber with a cute name introduced to me the term V.E.D.A and I was sold. I joined the challenge to post daily videos through the month of August and I’ve been trying to do so every A*Month since! Now I’m an old pro: I can edit my videos, pace myself, stop myself from saying “SOOOooooo” as a filler, and I’m writing my own daily prompts. A few friends are getting in on the fun too, so if you’re a blogger/vlogger or you know someone who is, the invite is open to all! Just add your URL to this post and we’ll subscribe and follow along with you.

Browse the list below that I literally just threw together. I’ll stick with these for the most part but may deviate if I’m not feeling the topic that day. You can subscribe to my Youtube channel or check back here for the embedded videos. See ya in April 2015!

  1. Kid-Friendly Jokes (April Fools)
  2. Fighting fears of the dentist
  3. Overabundance of THINGS and how to streamline
  4. Bringing back the bartering system
  5. Easter, springtime, goals this season
  6. The top-secret, styled wedding you wish you had thought of
  7. Household chores and paying allowance: Do’s and don’ts
  8. All things FREE that I could think of
  9. Education & the S-Word (Private/Public/Charter/Home/Un)
  10. Smoothies: Nutribullet is great but I still love pizza best
  11. Meal Solutions: My love/hate relationship with cooking
  12. The highs and lows of my Teens and Twenties
  13. My day job. My night job. My never sleep job.
  14. How motherhood finally grew on me
  15. Knowing what sets you off and what calms you down
  16. Me time. 30minutes, twice a week
  17. The condition of my spirit. Plans for hope and a future.
  18. Business Expo. Using what I got from that public speaking class
  19. The community in my little corner of the world
  20. Why I’m afraid for New Jersey. Pros & Cons of my state.
  21. Being a “mompreneur” and what the phrase means to me
  22. Made in USA- does domestic fashion really matter?
  23. Internships! Volunteering! This is how you get started.
  24. Advice from my Grandmother. (For better or worse
  25. Parenting Pt. One: Bragging because my kids are perfect
  26. Parenting Pt. Two: Just kidding: here’s how we survive
  27. Ten wishes I have that may make me old-fashioned
  28. Random Thoughts of the Day
  29. Why being a freelance designer ROCKS, and how to do it
  30. ??? (this will be interesting…)
Thanks for visiting TurnoversBaby on WordPress! Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Check out a few other VEDA videos by clicking the link below and show some love to the other vloggers that joined my challenge>>>

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