GREEN: The color of the month

You’ve probably heard far too much of the color green, ever since Emerald was named the Pantone Color of the Year 2013. Well, I’m the Queen of Green, and I will never get tired of it. Number one, it brings out my eyes when I wear green makeup or clothing. Secondly, green stands for life and earth and sustainability… things that I love. Since March is a perfect opportunity to talk about green and Saint Patrick’s Day is on 3/17, I wanted to make a list of three-hundred-and-seventeen things I can find in shades of green.

Just kidding. I’m dedicating an acronym to things that we can do to LIVE GREENER, being more responsible with our resources, and focus on  making healthier choices.

Happy St. Patricks Day!  Be Greener than ever.

Image Solar Power

If you’re considering PV Panels or Solar Thermal Panels, have a look at this guide first to help you understand the different options that are available.

ImageTransportation Choices

When possible, opt for walking, biking, carpooling or public transportation. Check out these plans for a car-free environment in Hamburg, Germany.

ImagePrevent Pollution

Be a selective shopper and consider things like packaging. Also, choose digital thermometers over ones that contain mercury. Here is a guide for eco-minded consumers to follow.

ImageAir Out Your Home 

Opening windows for 5 minutes a day can make a big difference in your indoor air quality. Removing clutter and dusting can also improve the air you’re breathing inside. Also remember that plants give off oxygen. More tips on this here

ImageTree Planting

Planting trees in your yard is a great idea, not just for the environment but also for raising property value. Here are some things you should know before beginning your agricultural project.

ImageRepurposing & Recycling

Everyone knows how to recycle, and in some towns & cities, it’s a requirement. Repurposing is another way to give new life to something old or unwanted. Here are some ideas on how to repurpose household items.

ImageImplement Eco Habits in Your Home

Getting the whole family on board is important. Green your home by teaching your kids (and spouse!) to turn off lights, set sleep timers on TVs & computers, conserve water, limit the use of paper products, and create eco habits.

ImageClothing Choices

Natural fibers vs. synthetic fibers, organic vs. pesticide-treated, versatile vs. limited, classic vs. trendy – there are lots of things we can do to support healthy manufacturing processes and extend the lifecycle of your own clothing. We can even alter and update things we already own.

ImageKale & Spinach

I was not so sure about putting leafy greens into smoothies, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is. Here’s a healthy home-made Shamrock Shake recipe to try!

ImageSwap Products/Services

Cash money is green, but it can be even more rewarding to swap items rather than selling them. Instead of a yard sale, think about exchanging goods and services locally with friends and neighbors in your community, like the author of this article did.

ImageDe-clutter & Donate

Streamlining your closets and living space is a healthy practice that can simplify your routine and refresh your home environment. If you have things you don’t use or like anymore, pass them on to others who will make use of them. Here is a guide to getting rid of things, according to category and geography.

Image Avoid Wasting Food

The Dept. of Agriculture estimates that an average American family wastes over a quarter of their food at home. Ways to reverse this pattern include meal planning, rotating items in the fridge, freezing, dehydrating, and composting. Read this article for more info.

Image Yoga, Aerobics, HIIT*

Try some of these exercises at home, to give you natural energy and get your body into healthy shape. Electricity-free exercise will save you money on your utility bill. You can also get some ideas from a chart that I made, especially if you have kids in your care.

*High Intensity Interval Training

5 responses to “GREEN: The color of the month”

  1. So many great tips! I’m hoping to air out my house today since it will be slightly nicer out. We have all had so many little sicknesses lately.


  2. Thanks for spreading the love! All these tips are great -xo- 🙂


  3. I’d love to plant some trees but I’d have no idea where to actually do it. Opening windows makes so much sense especially since I can sometimes still smell last nights dinner the next morning. A fresh air boost is a great idea


  4. I was surprised, too, but how much I (and the kids) love kale in our smoothies. Now it’s an everyday thing at our house!


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