A Cleaner, Greener, Baby Shower + Earth Mama Giveaway!

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In a world where things are built to be broken and replaced, sustainability is a precious feature.

Buying and using items with longer life cycles is also a way to conserve our natural resources.

Be creative in your planning

If you’re planning or hosting a baby shower, here are some green ideas that were given to me by other creative mommas:

Use mason jars and glass straws for beverages— make fresh squeezed juice instead of bottled punch, and fresh fruit bouquets for centerpieces

Give guests a potted plant to take home as a thank you gift

Make centerpieces out of tall glass containers and fill with eco-green baby products and top with flowers in their own container

Wrap gifts with baby blankets & towels, or use containers/baskets she may have registered for

Have a wishing well for guests to fill with small, unwrapped, eco baby products

Throwing a greener, cleaner baby shower is easier and cheaper than you may think! It just takes some brain-storming and dedication on your part. For more tips on how to decorate and cater a sustainable event, and spend less money doing so, read my Resourceful Guide to a  Gender Reveal. Meanwhile, be sure to enter the giveaway and connect with Turnovers and Earth Mama Angel Baby!

(Organic Mama-To-Be-Tea Sampler by Earth Mama Angel Baby)

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