Thank you for the compliment


Since our launch nine months ago, I've been showered with encouraging enthusiasm about my eco apparel line, Turnovers. I've also heard some constructive feedback about my collection. Grateful for the input, I periodically browse our collection of impressions and reviews which were provided by customers, bloggers and professionals in the baby products industry. My team of advisors and the friends and family that regularly help me in running this business agree that our brand image and customer satisfaction will make or break a small business like ours.

The truth is, most people we have heard from love Turnovers.

Some negative feedback (not negative, persay, just suggestive) includes wishing that the pants were reversible, wanting bigger sizes like 2T-4T, or the opinion that our double-layered clothing is too heavy.

Our plan was to launch 2-4 seasons each year, but after watching our growth and revisiting sales projections, we decided to postpone expanding and focus on building our brand and learning how to self-promote. When we raised over $10k through our Kickstarter campaign in 2013, the intention was to use the money to secure a loan that would cover expenses for a three-year period. After investigating the market and weighing the pros and cons of business debt, the decision was reached to take a more financially cautious approach. We took the Kickstarter funds and used a line of credit, and with the combined capital we launched a smaller collection than originally planned. This low risk approach meant we had to make some changes.

As a result, we had to revamp the marketing plan and incorporate as many do-it-yourself, no-cost strategies as we possibly could. The best thing we could receive from supporters is word-of-mouth advertising and boosted sales. 

mrs new jersey.jpg

In response to the suggestions we have received from our customers, I want to say this: The current line we are selling is our first collection, and it was designed for the Fall/Winter season. The double-layered bodysuits and hoodies are perfect for the season, and can even be worn in springtime because the cotton/azlon fabric breathes so well. When we launch a warm weather collection, you will see single-faced pieces that are specially designed to still be reversible. The plan to add toddler sizes, provide spring/summer styles, offer reversible pants, shorts and rompers is still in the works. We just need to take things slower as we are a tiny company with a limited budget. If we had gone with our original strategy, a spring/summer collection would have been launched last month. It was my preference to launch the second collection, but I am glad that I took the advise of others on my team. We will be working hard to meet our sales goals and establish and build relationships with customers and boutiques alike. Thank you for your loyalty, for your suggestions and for your patience.

You are welcome to browse our collection of customer impressions and product reviews. Or, if you are willing to offer your own feedback about our products, website or company, please do us a great favor and submit your thoughts. We'd also appreciate your reviews posted to our Amazon and Etsy shops.

Thank you for all the love and support! It is a pleasure serving moms and dads and babies, country-wide.