A Plan for Hope and a Future

     On Saturday, April 18th, I was given an opportunity to SHARE MY STORY at the Christian Business & Workforce Expo 2015

     My husband expertly recorded most of my speech (on his iPhone…don’t judge!) but some of it was not recorded.

Here's what DID NOT get recorded:

     My mom started a daycare while raising my sister and I, and that is how she managed to pay the tuition to send us both to Atlantic Christian School.

     I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer since I was seven. Ten years later, I enrolled at the Art Institute of Philadelphia in the Bachelors of Science program for Fashion Design.
While in school fulltime, I also worked at a clothing retail store and I was promoted to supervisor/key holder at the age of eighteen, managing a staff of 8-10 people.

     I worked as an intern for at Donna Karan International in NYC, and two months after graduation I started a job in Manhattan as an assistant Fashion Designer for a style house called Longstreet. I worked on the penthouse floor of that beautiful building in Midtown and I had the most amazing boss to learn from and an excellent team to grow with.

     Once I realized that I had become pregnant, I became very depressed and partially was mentally in denial even though I was very conscious of being healthy and going to my doctors appointments.

I felt that my career and my dreams were in jeopardy.

Here is what YOU WILL HEAR on the video:

3:05 Fashion Designer’s Struggle to Find Work in NJ
3:38 The Sun Stand Still Moment
5:00 The Process of Starting a Business
6:15 Turnovers Baby Shop’s Beginning
6:40 Alternate Funding Options
7:30 Lesson in Time & Money Management
8:38 Time is My Idol
9:45 Unplanned Pregnancy
11:30 Where We are Right Now
12:40 Planning for Hope and a Future in South Jersey
15:30 Business People & Job Seekers: Turn It Around
16:20 Pledge of Integrity
17:28 Spark a Revival
18:05 Closing Prayer

I’m grateful that I had a peace about sharing my very personal story in a room full of strangers. Despite being vulnerable and possibly being held under scrutiny, I was certain that God wanted me to talk about what I’ve gone through so I could encourage and inspire others in the room.

Have you gone through a life-changing situation that you thought would be the end of the world? What good has come out of it?