Baby Names- Finding the Right One

Do you feel pressure selecting baby names?

Naming your baby is no simple task. This is just one of many major, permanent decisions that parents have to make. Some people have a mental list of baby names before they even find out they’re expecting. Some people use all nine months of their pregnancy to read, research and contemplate baby names until they decide on the right one. Some people struggle to find baby names they really like, and may even wait until AFTER their baby is born to make a decision.

Baby names, just like fashion and music and pop culture, follow trends.

Things like a royal birth can influence parents to gravitate towards the regal side.
Things like a blockbuster movie or a hit song can influence baby names too. Or maybe your family wants to honor ancestors by passing their names down the line.

Either way, the choice is a big one, but thankfully a funny thing seems to happen in most cases. No matter which one you choose, (unless it’s something REALLY off the wall) you probably won’t experience name regret. Maybe it’s because we get used to seeing it written on everything and hearing our family members call our baby by name, but in most cases baby names suit their holders perfectly.

Names grow on people.

Not so with puppies. If you name a puppy “Peanut” and it grows up to be a 200-pound brontosaurus, you may experience some name regret. (with a sense of humor, it’s a great conversation starter at the dog park)

But when it comes to people, you can’t really go wrong with most sensible names. Sure, there are stereotypes to be aware of. You can test yourself and picture a person who’d have the name “Summer” versus a person who’d have the name “Robert” versus a person who’d have the name “Julius”. Maybe you’re thinking of a hairstylist, or a banker or a strong, handsome guy. Maybe we made all of that up, but there are definitely stereotypes that go along with some names to be aware of. Bertha, for example. Or Sherman.

Aside from avoiding the obvious, the best advice is to write the name, say the name, spell the name and discuss with your partner whether or not it’s a keeper. Hopefully you will make a decision before the baby is born, but you have a day or so to decide if you need the extra time. It’s okay to want to see your baby first before bestowing a name upon him or her.

Ideally, you’ll have baby names chosen for boys and girls, or one that would work great for either gender. Even if you already found out what you’re having, there’s always a slim chance that the technician’s results aren’t accurate. Be prepared for anything! This is just another great reason thatgender neutral clothing and a neutral nursery theme is a smart road to take. Gender neutral names (while we believe they’re the coolest options) are excellent to have on hand in this case.

If you need a little inspiration, we’ve made a Pinterest board of baby names with a simple description. This board is about a year old and we’ve been updating it recently when we noticed how much action our board actually gets. Parents-to-be are taking advantage of this by the thousands, every day. It’s great to know that our pins are helpful! We even organized them into categories like “Royal”, “Nature”, “Vintage”, “Modern” and “Biblical”. Pin your favorites, think them over and keep digging until you find a few baby names that you both truly love. But again, keep an open mind and don’t be too worried if you’re not 100% sold on the name your partner loves. When you gaze into your sweet little one’s eyes for the first time, you’ll realize that any name at all would sound a million times better attached to such a precious being. Don’t let the pressure get to you. Have fun with this!

If you had another baby, what name would you choose? Tell us in the comments some of your favorite baby names for a boy and a girl.