Are you minding your business(es)?

Small Business Saturday is upon us.

What's that have to do with you? A whole lot. Why? Because independently run shops and businesses in your area have a direct impact on the property value of your home and neighborhood and the development of your community.


As a consumer, I love seeing small business thrive, and as a business owner, Turnovers is now in that same category. That is why I'm starting a movement (starting small!) of online cross-promotion to help bring new customers to the small businesses in the tri-state area. There are other local businesses hosting Small Business Saturday events at their brick-and-mortar stores, such as The Bee Well in Linwood. I'm creating an online version for those companies that depend heavily on traffic from the internet!


Turnovers Baby Shop Giveaway: Timberlyn Razzano

Williams Kearns Photography Giveaway: Shannon Buck

Pinky's Nails Salon & Spa Giveaway: Crystal Dodson

Jeana Beana Organics Giveaway: Ali Mitchell

Kim Angelo Photography Giveaway: Stephanie Freiwald

Allie Wilson Photography Giveaway: Becca Platt

Brownies Squared Bake Shop Giveaway: Molly Van Horn

A handful of self-employed business owners have partnered with me in a link-up where each company is doing a giveaway in exchange for a surge of online traffic. The goal is to reach new customers, increase interaction on our business pages, and send each other's customers to the other businesses participating. To make this work, we need a bunch of people to help by entering the giveaways (Facebook page likes, twitter follows, joining mailing lists, answering a question or two= these all count as entries) and the giveaways launch this Friday 11/28 8am EST and end on 12/3 9pm EST. Like, comment, send a note of encouragement, post a review, and share! All of these things are appreciated and will play a part in the success of this online event.

Supporting small businesses is hugely important because it creates a positive economic pattern. Local businesses value local businesses. As it was suggested in this article featured in the Press of Atlantic City, "two-thirds of all money people spend in their local stores is redistributed locally by the small-business owners. So, every $1 spent in downtowns from Atlantic City to Somers Point to Vineland to Cape May has a ripple effect in those communities." This is the way to avoid seeing streets lined with foreclosed houses and abandoned buildings. New Jersey has the third highest rate of foreclosures in the nation, according to this article. Closed down businesses and abandoned buildings are a current problem in our area.

To illustrate this point, here are some photos from my stomping ground in South Jersey: some of those who help to put us on the map and draw customers and some that were well established and run efficiently but were forced to close and/or file for bankruptcy.

 Storybook Land in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Storybook Land in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

 The Lobster House in Cape May, NJ

The Lobster House in Cape May, NJ

 Renault winery just filed for bankruptcy after being in business for over 150 years

Renault winery just filed for bankruptcy after being in business for over 150 years

  Emma's Rotisserie owned and operated by Terrance and Wendy French. Closed.

Emma's Rotisserie owned and operated by Terrance and Wendy French. Closed.

If you're going out on Black Friday to join the mobs of people, make a separate list of things you will buy from local businesses on Small Business Saturday, or from small businesses online on Cyber Monday.  Successful small businesses sponsor high school sports teams. Successful small businesses donate to local charities. Successful small businesses provide services and amusements that make our area more alluring to tourists and visitors. Let us know that you get it and that you're in favor of small businesses thriving in your area and helping to build up your community.

Thank you!!

Other companies/giveaways included in our small business promotion:

Win FREE signed 12x18 ART Print - William Kearns Photography

Win $50 Pinky's Nails Gift Card - Pinky's Nails Salon & Spa

Prize Pack for Kids/Adults (winner's choice) Jeana Beana Organic

Small Business Sat. Giveaway Extravaganza - Kim Angelo Photography

Win a $25 credit towards a photo shoot - Allie Wilson Photography

Win (1) Seat at Super Secret Supper Club - Brownies Square