VEDA Challenge, April 2014

     Seven months ago, I woke up to the world of vlogging (video blogging) and joined a 30-day challenge called VEDA- Vlog Every Day in August. VEDA is a world-wide online event. Some participate as a group, following a list of topics and linking up to each other on YouTube, while others work as individuals, tagging #VEDA so others will see what they posted.

     Last year, I followed a group headed up by BabyBellyKelli and we were asked to post videos under 5 minutes long and talk about the topic assigned each day. It was time consuming, but it allowed me to become comfortable with the whole process (because talking into a camera to a hypothetical audience did not come naturally) and I also mastered the art of editing my own videos!

 Click to see videos from my VEDA 2013 challenge.

Click to see videos from my VEDA 2013 challenge.

The Rules

The Challenge

1. Videos should be under 3 minutes (it will increase your view rate)

2. Copy/Paste the daily topic into the description of your video AND copy/paste the list of the other participants and the links to their channels

3. Take creative liberties with your videos! Have fun.

     Now that I'm a pro (ha-ha), I'm taking the reigns and hosting my own VEDA Challenge! Some friends have stepped up, but the invitation is open to ANYONE who wants to join the fun. I know that it's a tough commitment for busy people to make, but if you want to join I ask that you post vlogs for at least 50% of the topics. Also, please follow my rules so we can make it easy to connect and interact with each other during VEDA. The list of participating vloggers/channel links will be posted under my introduction video. You can copy/paste the topics and the vlogger list into the description fields of your videos.

     Check out the daily topics list - don't worry, I didn't touch on anything intentionally controversial or too personal, but you're welcome to say whatever you want to say on your videos. If you've never done this before DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED. It can be as simple or intricate as you choose. One-shot cellphone videos directly shared to YouTube work just as well as those edited in FinalCut.

     Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and check for an update on April 1st. If you want to participate in my VEDA April 2014 Challenge, leave a comment and include a link to your YouTube channel. So, who's in? It's free, and I bet you will have more fun and get more views than you expect. Have fun with it!