Intro to VEDA 2015

veda challenge topics list for april 2015

V.E.D.A. with TurnoversBaby! 

V.E.D.A. Vlog Every Day in April (or August)

What is it?

Vloggers around the world commit to posting a video every day of the month, often following a list of topics. Below is the April 2015 list we made for the TurnoversBaby channel. You are welcome to join in on the daily vlog/blog challenge!

How can I get started?

1: SIGN UP! Leave a Comment with First Name/State/Focus of your channel/YouTube URL

2: Write your own list, Use our list, or Get ideas from our previous V.E.D.A Challenges Aug2013   Apr2014   Aug2014

3. From April 1st to 30th, upload daily videos (3 min or less) to YouTube and tag #VEDA

Step 4. Subscribe to other V.E.D.A participants and watch/comment on their videos. This will increase your views/subscribers & connect you with other cool vloggers! #NoHateZone

If you're vlogging on our topics, tell us in the comments on our video that day! I want to stop by your channel and hear your take on the topic. It’s all about building your YouTube channel, increasing interaction on your videos, getting practice speaking & editing, and having fun with it!

(Remember: Don't reveal any personally identifying info such as your mailbox or house number, the cards in your wallet, kids schools, etc. I know you're friends are not dangerous but you can't trust everyone!)