31 days of Vlogging

Hello Friends & Fans!

I'm participating in a VEDA challenge (Vlog Every Day in August) because I want to introduce myself on a more personal level and share a bit more with the fans & customers of Turnovers.

I hope to see some new subscribers to my youtube channel for Turnovers! If you watch some ( or all! ) of my posts and leave comments for me, I will be truly grateful. It can feel like a lonely road sometimes when you're up until 3 o'clock in the morning, promoting, sharing, uploading and writing. I would love to see your feedback! If you have a YT channel, I will subscribe to it so I can connect more with you!

Today was the first day of the challenge, where vloggers across the world follow a list of 31 topics and post daily videos that are 5-minutes or less. This opportunity was presented to me by mom-blogger BabyBellyKelli, and the YouTube community has really jumped on board with this challenge.

Check this out and let me know what you think! <3

Waiver: I am an amateur-level blogger/vlogger, but my goal is to perfect the art by the end of this challenge. My Youtube channel is only a few months old. Again, the topics are pre-selected and I'm following a format as set by the VEDA coordinator. Thanks!

Love, Rhapsody

  Check me out on YouTube :)

Check me out on YouTube :)