Kickstarter update!

Within days, we will be launching our campaign to raise start-up capital for Turnovers' first collection.

This Sunday, I will be giving a presentation on the company's purpose and goals and covering our funding plan. The presentation will be held in conjunction with my birthday, and if you are interested in attending please contact for more information. The event is semi-private, but an invitation will be extended to those who are interested in becoming seriously involved with our campaign.

For all others, please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on facebook/twitter so you can stay informed of our launch and our progress. A short video, created by Brilliant Minds Productions, will be posted on our website during the campaign to explain why we are asking for pledges and pre-orders. We notice and appreciate all the help with sharing, promoting, and backing us during our campaign. Stick around, and please show us your support in getting Turnovers on the market!