Not your ordinary Saturday

Do you know what November 30th, 2013 is? Chances are, you're not sure.

Thursday was Thanksgiving- that, we all know, and probably are reminded of it each time we open the refrigerator door.


Friday was Black Friday- a bargain shopper's dream come true, but a nightmare to sales associates and other retail personnel.

Saturday? Three years ago, Small Business Saturday was established (by a very large company) with the purpose of acknowledging small business owners and encourage people to shop locally.

If you knew that, you probably also knew that the odds are stacked against a small business due to the tough economy and the presence of enormous competition from larger corporations.

We are not going to hash out the politics of business or what's fair vs. unfair, and we're not going to talk about big corporations and monopolies and barriers to entry within industries.

The purpose of this blog is simple: Entrepreneurs, we salute you!

Planning a business, starting a business, growing a business... these tasks are not for the faint of heart. Just 6 months after our launch, we already can attest to the fact that entrepreneurs have their hands full all day, every day. And the biggest goal is to keep your passion strong so you will have the energy and ability to press on! The majority of working Americans have their employment secured by another company, are getting a fixed salary (or a predictable hourly wage), and when they clock out, work is over and off of their minds. Not so with small business owners. There is nothing quite like it.


Actually there is- It's called parenthood.

Parenthood is very much like owning a small business. The work never ends, you're constantly challenged and often being stretched, and in spite of the challenges, you love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

Having said all that, I encourage you to give your business to worthy, local companies. Shop for products/services FIRST from small businesses, and if they can't help you or you're not satisfied, only THEN, look elsewhere. If we all took this approach, even when it's less convenient, imagine what our communities would look like! Thriving, happy communities with people who know each other by name and a wonderful array of job opportunities. Now contrast that image with the picture of a dreary part of town where buildings are falling apart and stores have closed down...where you have to drive a distance to a chain store for your every need, and shop a very "uninspired" selection of merchandise.


All in all, if you value small businesses and appreciate the people who start and run them, LET THEM KNOW! Give them your business! Stop by and tell them that you like the windows! Give one a hug! Or if that's all too personal, like their Facebook pages and follow them on Twitter!

I've selected a handful of business owners and posted links to their pages on Facebook. This is a great place to start if you want to show support on Small Business Saturday. Check out these companies and LIKE THEIR PAGES.

Since we've described the weekend calendar, I will end in saying that Sunday IS just an ordinary day this month. Monday, however, is CYBER MONDAY! We have a sale going on, so stop by our homepage before you leave the Turnovers site. Enjoy the weekend!