Gender Reveal Service

Unwrap a surprise at your 

  • Gender Reveal Party

  • Baby Shower

  • Private Family Gathering

The excitement builds as you open your Turnovers order.

it's a fun way of finding out whether you're celebrating a son OR a daughter!

Planning a gender reveal?

See Guide to a Resourceful Gender Reveal for tips!

  Open your Turnovers gender reveal box and SURPRISE! -find out if you're having a boy or a girl!

Step 1.    Use Direct Order option to select your favorite Gender Neutral items

Step 2.    Print the Gender Announcement Form. Take the form to your ultrasound technician and ask them to secretly fill out the form. Place the completed form into a sealed envelope.

Step 3.    Send form (No peeking!) to the Turnovers family: P.O. Box 484, Mays Landing, New Jersey, 08330-9998           

Step 4.    Once we receive the form, we flip your items to the proper side, according to your ultrasound results.

Step 5.    A beautifully gift-wrapped package will be delivered within 5 days of the date we receive your form.