Q:  What makes your product better for our environment and healthier for my baby?

A: Our fabric is a blend of 50% cotton and 50% azlon, a sustainable and botanical textile fiber made from non-GMO (genetically modified organism) soybeans.  Non-GMO soybeans are not treated or exposed to chemical pesticides during storage.  Renewable & biodegradable resources + no chemicals or pesticides = Less damage to nature's resources. Furthermore, these fibers contain amino acids, which are gentle and nourishing for your baby’s skin!


Q: Where can I purchase Turnovers?

A: To see which stores are carrying our line, see our ever evolving list to find stores. We will host and participate in a variety of events based on needs and interests of our customers. The Turnovers Team attends festivals, and trade shows, where we temporarily set up shop for the convenience of our local customers.


Q: Why is Turnovers so great for boy/girl twins?

A: Coordinating outfits for your little miss & mister has never been simpler. If you have boy/girl twins, finding complimentary outfits is as easy as pie, with Turnovers. Just grab two of any one style, and flip one inside out. They will look effortlessly perfect. Now if you could just coordinate their naps…


Q: Does your company support any charities or outreach programs?

A: The Turnovers company is an active contributor to charitable organizations that help babies, children and mothers. We support local community outreach programs and also global feeding centers. We also use our resources to further the reach of pregnancy crisis centers. It is our belief that "to he who has been given much, much will be required" and it is our great pleasure to pay it forward.


Q: Where is Turnovers manufactured?

A: Starting out, we are partnering up with agents in California and working together in the production process. Our line is currently manufactured by a family-owned sewing factory in Shanghai, China - one of the soybean capitals of the world. Our agent spends significant time at the production facilities, to ensure fair trade, good working conditions and high quality workmanship.


Q: How do I know which companies to trust with my baby's well-being?

A: The safety and security of babies worldwide is of utmost importance to the caring people within our company. Our key people are parents who share your specific concerns and we really understand what babies need. While we are doing all we can do to protect and enhance your baby’s health, you can stay informed of other products out there that may be potentially harmful. On our health and safety page, we have planted a recall newsfeed, which is regularly updated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.